Announcement: Alpha Testing 02

My second internal landscape alpha testing is underway, if you are a member of Dark Creations you can help me by finding and looking for landscape bugs here:


Preliminary reports are looking good but I am never one to turn down more alpha testers and bug spotters!

I am moving on to interior level designing now so if you are a level designer, modeller or texturer I could always use the extra help!


Announcement: Landscape Complete!

The entirety of the exterior of the island is now complete!  It is entirely hand-crafted and took 7 months of effort but it was definitely worth it.  It still needs a little tweaking here and there, the LOD needs generating and I want to customise the weather a little bit more and I intend to hold another internal alpha test session.  But it is otherwise fully traversible and playable.

I am still on the lookout for interior level designers, modellers and texturers so if you like the look of the project you can get in touch over at the mod forums on Dark Creations: