Creature: Rieklings

Riekling Camp - Gremja

Rieklings are semi intelligent goblinoids that infest much of the northern reaches of the island.  Their encampments are well fortified, often found lying in hidden nooks and crevices of the Felsaad Coast and the Moesring Mountains.  Fiercely territorial they are known to attack strangers on sight.


Concept Art: Stalhrim Dagger

by Alfred Khamidullin

This concept of the Stalhrim Dagger was kindly drawn by Alfred Khamidullin.  I'm still on the lookout  for skilled modellers and texture artists to help realise some of the weapon/armour/creature ideas - so if the project interests you, you can offer to help at the project forums located here: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/186-solstheim-4e/

In other news, Kalian, one of the Alpha landscape testers was generous enough to put together a short video trailer demonstrating some of the locations and landscape all ready completed, you can view the video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAxwb3AICpk

A big thank you to Alfred and Kalian for their support.