Location: Indala


At the top of a waterfall on the Iggnir River live the woodcutters of Indala.  As the only still-active logging camp on Solstheim this village is important for supplying the native Dunmer population with lumber for building and crafting.


Region: Felsaad Coast

Felsaad Coast

The Felsaad Coast was once used to refer to the entire rocky, eastern coastline of the island.  Now however it refers to just the north-eastern part.  It is in this region that the Skaal and Thirsk tribes make their home.  But it is not just the local nords that dwell here, the awkward terrain and jagged peaks hide dens of vicious Rieklings, a tough and hardy goblin-like race.

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Location: Thirsk


Sitting on a hill overlooking the eastern shore of Lake Fjalding sits the Nord village of Thirsk.  While the settlement boasts a number of houses stretching down to the lakeshore, it is the grand Meadhall-Fortress which dominates the skyline.  The Thirsk nords are a clan of proud hunters and warriors, known for their warm and welcoming nature.