Location: Graring


Graring is a small Nord village on the north-eastern tip of the Isinfier Plains.  It is home to the Graring tribe - miners, artisans and master craftsmen - reknowned for their stonework and fashioning the magnificent Ice weaponry and Trollbone armour.


Location: Aryon


High up on the cliffs overlooking Sol rests the idyllic mining village of Aryon.  Sightseers and pilgrims flock to this destination to take in its picturesque vistas and pay their respects to the nearby Shrine of Azura.  The frequent visitors coupled with the local mine keeps Aryon a bustling and thriving community.


Misc: Stalhrim


Stalhrim is a magical ice-like substance used in nordic burial rituals.  It is meant to both protect and preserve the local nord dead.  The craftsmen of the Graring tribe mine this material for use in the smithing of exotic weapons and armour.  These activities however often put them at odds with the more conservative and superstitious Skaal tribe, who view such acts as a blasphemous desecration of their dead.


Location: Sol


On the eastern shore of Skyrim at the northern border of the Burned Coast lies the Dark Elven port city of Sol - the capital of the Dunmeri population on Solstheim.  Sol stands as a symbol of perseverance for the troubled race.  It's streets boast numerous stores, a thriving marketplace and taking chief of position in the centre of the city lies the Dunmeri Council House, the voice of governance on Solstheim.  But like all cities it has it's troubled underbelly, namely the Waterworks, housing the less fortunate of the Dark Elf population.

Special thanks to phitt for supplying the Dark Elf architectural resources.