Location: Raven Rock

Raven Rock

Deep into the Hirstaang Forest lies the landmark that is Raven Rock.  So named due to the once plentfiul deposits of Ebony.  Now the ore is gone and the town that once mined it abandoned and forgotten.  The shells of empty homes reclaimed by nature.


Creature: Cliff Racer

Cliff Racer

Prior to the Red Year, Dark Elves told tales of how St. Jiub drove the Cliff Racers from Vvardenfell.  One thing is certain, these flying creatures find the awkward topography and rocky outcroppings of the southern Felsaad Coast enticing.  In particular the mountainous hill upon which sits the Sun Stone.  Here a number of Cliff Racers have roosted making the pilgrimage to this spiritual stone a hazardous one.

Thanks go to Phitt for creating the Cliff Racer modder's resource.


Location: Sathil


On the eastern shore at the base of a looming fort lays the Dunmer fishing village of Sathil, so named after the once-Indoril lord who founded the settlement.  The dominant castle overlooking it is home to the Sathil family and has been since the first settlers.


Region: Isinfier Plains

Isinfier Plains

The snowy plains of this winter wonderland are grazed by a variety of wildlife, in particular the wild mammoth and cow herds - making this region the prime hunting ground for the native Nords.  However, it is not just reknowned for it's rich game.  The deadly Fryse Hags - over-zealous worshippers of Kyne - occupy it's deepest, oldest locations.


Region: Hirstaang Forest

Hirstaang Forest

Hirstaang Forest has only changed a little in the 200 years since Bloodmoon.  The Imperial presence is gone, both Fort Frostmoth and Raven Rock are overgrown and in ruin.  It is dense, dark and untamed.  Only those seeking seclusion and privacy call this region home.