Location: Oleen Mar

Oleen Mar

On the South Eastern shore of the island lies the port town of Oleen Mar, the gateway to Solstheim.  As the census office is located here, Oleen Mar is usually the first and last stop ships make on their way to other Dark Elven ports.


Location: Girith


Girith is a Dunmer farming settlement on the shore of the Iggnir River, the farmers grow Ash Yams, Marshmerrow and Saltrice to be sold at the markets of Sol.  The alcoholic beverages Greef and Shein are also brewed here from the locally grown Comberry plants.


Region: Burned Coast

The Burned Coast

The Burned Coast is a new region occupying the southern and south-eastern coastline of Solstheim.  After the Red Year, thick ash clouds smothered the land and blotted out the sun devastating and ultimately destroying the local ecosystem of the southern shoreline.  The resulting dead, greyed flora is where this region acquired it's name.

Now the Burned Coast hosts a plethora of strange flora and fauna, thriving in the warmer, wet conditions and the newly enriched soil.  It is here where the Dark Elves have resettled, building a number of settlements along the coastline - Sathil, Oleen Mar, Girith, Aryon, Vilven and their capital - Sol.


Location: Frostmoth Ruins

The ruins of Fort Frostmoth

One of the more iconic locations from Bloodmoon was the Imperial fort.  Fast forward to the current timeline and the overgrown ruin is little more than a landmark.

The Frostmoth ruins are located on the shore of the western Burned Coast region.  A small group of Reavers lie camped at the docks.