Announcement: Solstheim 4E is now Northpoint!

As some of you are aware Solstheim 4E has been on hiatus since the (unofficial) announcement of the new official Solstheim based DLC.

During this time I have worked towards transferring all salvageable assets into the new incarnation of the project, so I am happy to announce:


- Set on the stubby northern peninsula of High Rock.
- Utilising Morcroft's heightmap.
- A cold, wet landscape compromising highlands, fells and moors.
- A Breton kingdom inspired by Northumbria and Scotland.
- Interesting plague-based storylines.

While Northpoint is co-ordinating with and included within Deeza's High Rock project, it is still it's own autonomous venture - very much like the Kingdoms of High Rock.

The project forums can still be found on Dark Creations but in a new area located here: http://www.darkcreat...eltheric-coast/


News: Dungeons Underway

Following the completion of the landmass and the alpha test that followed I've made a lot of headway with dungeon building.  To make up for the lack of eye-candy recently here are a few screenshots - more to follow in the coming weeks:



Kolbjorn Barrow

Jolgeirr Barrow


Announcement: Trailer 02

GKalian has once again created another lovely trailer for Solstheim 4E showing off work from the second landscape alpha test.   You can view his latest addition right here:


Announcement: Alpha Testing 02

My second internal landscape alpha testing is underway, if you are a member of Dark Creations you can help me by finding and looking for landscape bugs here:


Preliminary reports are looking good but I am never one to turn down more alpha testers and bug spotters!

I am moving on to interior level designing now so if you are a level designer, modeller or texturer I could always use the extra help!


Announcement: Landscape Complete!

The entirety of the exterior of the island is now complete!  It is entirely hand-crafted and took 7 months of effort but it was definitely worth it.  It still needs a little tweaking here and there, the LOD needs generating and I want to customise the weather a little bit more and I intend to hold another internal alpha test session.  But it is otherwise fully traversible and playable.

I am still on the lookout for interior level designers, modellers and texturers so if you like the look of the project you can get in touch over at the mod forums on Dark Creations:



Creature: Rieklings

Riekling Camp - Gremja

Rieklings are semi intelligent goblinoids that infest much of the northern reaches of the island.  Their encampments are well fortified, often found lying in hidden nooks and crevices of the Felsaad Coast and the Moesring Mountains.  Fiercely territorial they are known to attack strangers on sight.


Concept Art: Stalhrim Dagger

by Alfred Khamidullin

This concept of the Stalhrim Dagger was kindly drawn by Alfred Khamidullin.  I'm still on the lookout  for skilled modellers and texture artists to help realise some of the weapon/armour/creature ideas - so if the project interests you, you can offer to help at the project forums located here: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/186-solstheim-4e/

In other news, Kalian, one of the Alpha landscape testers was generous enough to put together a short video trailer demonstrating some of the locations and landscape all ready completed, you can view the video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAxwb3AICpk

A big thank you to Alfred and Kalian for their support.


Location: Indala


At the top of a waterfall on the Iggnir River live the woodcutters of Indala.  As the only still-active logging camp on Solstheim this village is important for supplying the native Dunmer population with lumber for building and crafting.


Region: Felsaad Coast

Felsaad Coast

The Felsaad Coast was once used to refer to the entire rocky, eastern coastline of the island.  Now however it refers to just the north-eastern part.  It is in this region that the Skaal and Thirsk tribes make their home.  But it is not just the local nords that dwell here, the awkward terrain and jagged peaks hide dens of vicious Rieklings, a tough and hardy goblin-like race.

I would like to thank everyone who helped out with my recent landscape test! A number of visual and pathfinding bugs were squished, so thank you to all involved :).


Location: Thirsk


Sitting on a hill overlooking the eastern shore of Lake Fjalding sits the Nord village of Thirsk.  While the settlement boasts a number of houses stretching down to the lakeshore, it is the grand Meadhall-Fortress which dominates the skyline.  The Thirsk nords are a clan of proud hunters and warriors, known for their warm and welcoming nature.


Location: Graring


Graring is a small Nord village on the north-eastern tip of the Isinfier Plains.  It is home to the Graring tribe - miners, artisans and master craftsmen - reknowned for their stonework and fashioning the magnificent Ice weaponry and Trollbone armour.


Location: Aryon


High up on the cliffs overlooking Sol rests the idyllic mining village of Aryon.  Sightseers and pilgrims flock to this destination to take in its picturesque vistas and pay their respects to the nearby Shrine of Azura.  The frequent visitors coupled with the local mine keeps Aryon a bustling and thriving community.


Misc: Stalhrim


Stalhrim is a magical ice-like substance used in nordic burial rituals.  It is meant to both protect and preserve the local nord dead.  The craftsmen of the Graring tribe mine this material for use in the smithing of exotic weapons and armour.  These activities however often put them at odds with the more conservative and superstitious Skaal tribe, who view such acts as a blasphemous desecration of their dead.


Location: Sol


On the eastern shore of Skyrim at the northern border of the Burned Coast lies the Dark Elven port city of Sol - the capital of the Dunmeri population on Solstheim.  Sol stands as a symbol of perseverance for the troubled race.  It's streets boast numerous stores, a thriving marketplace and taking chief of position in the centre of the city lies the Dunmeri Council House, the voice of governance on Solstheim.  But like all cities it has it's troubled underbelly, namely the Waterworks, housing the less fortunate of the Dark Elf population.

Special thanks to phitt for supplying the Dark Elf architectural resources.


Location: Raven Rock

Raven Rock

Deep into the Hirstaang Forest lies the landmark that is Raven Rock.  So named due to the once plentfiul deposits of Ebony.  Now the ore is gone and the town that once mined it abandoned and forgotten.  The shells of empty homes reclaimed by nature.


Creature: Cliff Racer

Cliff Racer

Prior to the Red Year, Dark Elves told tales of how St. Jiub drove the Cliff Racers from Vvardenfell.  One thing is certain, these flying creatures find the awkward topography and rocky outcroppings of the southern Felsaad Coast enticing.  In particular the mountainous hill upon which sits the Sun Stone.  Here a number of Cliff Racers have roosted making the pilgrimage to this spiritual stone a hazardous one.

Thanks go to Phitt for creating the Cliff Racer modder's resource.


Location: Sathil


On the eastern shore at the base of a looming fort lays the Dunmer fishing village of Sathil, so named after the once-Indoril lord who founded the settlement.  The dominant castle overlooking it is home to the Sathil family and has been since the first settlers.


Region: Isinfier Plains

Isinfier Plains

The snowy plains of this winter wonderland are grazed by a variety of wildlife, in particular the wild mammoth and cow herds - making this region the prime hunting ground for the native Nords.  However, it is not just reknowned for it's rich game.  The deadly Fryse Hags - over-zealous worshippers of Kyne - occupy it's deepest, oldest locations.


Region: Hirstaang Forest

Hirstaang Forest

Hirstaang Forest has only changed a little in the 200 years since Bloodmoon.  The Imperial presence is gone, both Fort Frostmoth and Raven Rock are overgrown and in ruin.  It is dense, dark and untamed.  Only those seeking seclusion and privacy call this region home.


Location: Oleen Mar

Oleen Mar

On the South Eastern shore of the island lies the port town of Oleen Mar, the gateway to Solstheim.  As the census office is located here, Oleen Mar is usually the first and last stop ships make on their way to other Dark Elven ports.


Location: Girith


Girith is a Dunmer farming settlement on the shore of the Iggnir River, the farmers grow Ash Yams, Marshmerrow and Saltrice to be sold at the markets of Sol.  The alcoholic beverages Greef and Shein are also brewed here from the locally grown Comberry plants.


Region: Burned Coast

The Burned Coast

The Burned Coast is a new region occupying the southern and south-eastern coastline of Solstheim.  After the Red Year, thick ash clouds smothered the land and blotted out the sun devastating and ultimately destroying the local ecosystem of the southern shoreline.  The resulting dead, greyed flora is where this region acquired it's name.

Now the Burned Coast hosts a plethora of strange flora and fauna, thriving in the warmer, wet conditions and the newly enriched soil.  It is here where the Dark Elves have resettled, building a number of settlements along the coastline - Sathil, Oleen Mar, Girith, Aryon, Vilven and their capital - Sol.


Location: Frostmoth Ruins

The ruins of Fort Frostmoth

One of the more iconic locations from Bloodmoon was the Imperial fort.  Fast forward to the current timeline and the overgrown ruin is little more than a landmark.

The Frostmoth ruins are located on the shore of the western Burned Coast region.  A small group of Reavers lie camped at the docks.